About Us

Core Messages


Welcoming you to share the joy of Christ.


We gratefully accept the responsibility to share the love of Christ. Through thoughtful worship, learning, and
fellowship, we nourish minds and hearts. Always open to hearing the word of God in fresh ways, we joyfully
wrestle with the challenges of what God calls us to become.

Value Statements

  1. We share the gifts that God has given us to respond to needs of our congregation and community. 
  2. We welcome and respect all people – including those of all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and financial situations – to worship, serve, and fellowship together. 
  3. We encourage questions and discussion that cultivate lifelong learning. 
  4. We seek to serve Christ in our daily tasks, and to live holy and joyful lives.
  5. We affirm that human knowledge and the teachings of Christ are not mutually exclusive. 
  6. We are called to be responsible stewards of God’s creation. 

Belief Statements

  • All humans are created equal in God’s eyes. We’re serious. Everyone is welcome. 
  • God loves everyone, and so do we! We are all imperfect, and God still loves us. Getting to heaven isn’t earned. It’s a gift given to all of us because Christ died on the cross. 
  • In gratitude for that gift, we accept responsibility for a life of evangelism.
  • Evangelism…the “E” word… We live to share Christ’s love with everyone without requiring they be like us or fit a certain mold. Presbyterians recognize that Christians are called to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Just as Jesus cared for the whole person, we share God’s love in Christ through many activities. Among these are: 

                    - Feeding the hungry 

                    - Working for justice 

                    - Supporting education 

                    - Providing ministries of healing 

                    - Nurturing relationships

  • The church is a faith community of people, not a building, a place, or a pastor. God calls us, men and women alike, to leadership and ministry. Our members and pastors share these roles in every aspect of the life of the church. 
  • Our congregation is strengthened by new voices and connections. Relationships and conversations with each other inspire us to be more compassionate, forgiving, and faithful people. 
  • We celebrate two sacraments – baptism and communion. We recognize baptism from any Christian church. Everyone is welcome at the communion table. 
  • Just as we each have multiple roles in our lives, so too, does God. As the Father, God guides us to care for others and for the world. As the Son, God gives us grace, which we accept and share. As the Holy Spirit, God comforts, strengthens, and inspires us – sometimes in ways we cannot even understand. 
  • The Bible is the inspired word of God, written by people in their time and in their tongue. While we do not believe it to be literal or inerrant, we see timeless truth in its stories and wisdom in its teachings. We must work hard to study and interpret this divine and unique guide for our lives in the world today. 
  • We know we will struggle with our beliefs and our relationship with God, and believe struggle can strengthen those very things. 
  • Predestination is good news! God has a plan for the world, and it’s a plan of love! 

Trinity Presbyterian Church